About our company

ProDos is a software development center headquartered in Dobruška a small town located in the foothills of Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory). We focus on IS development including hardware supply, mobile, web and desktop app development.

Information systems

Our two pilot products are Nephrological information system for hemodialysis centers Nefris and CRM system Profis.

Web applications/ E-shop

We offer web application development from simple presentations to complex systems connected to large desktop systems. Beside the functionality we also focus on user experience and modern design.

Mobile and desktop app

We develop mobile and desktop applications on demand. Thanks to our experience in the field, we are able to create robust applications effectively.

What can we help you with?

How does the collaboration on a new project work?


1. New project

For the success of the project we have to know your demands. On the first meeting, we discuss your idea and together we make rough specification for the future project.


2. Analysis

For each project, complex documentation is necessary. At this stage, we analyze the project and design best possible solution with regards to your demands. Depending on project we also design user interface at this stage.


3. Realization

After the project is agreed, we start with development by the prepared plan. We are still in contact and have regular meetings.


4. Betaversion

After the version is done, we release it for testing. Depending on results we update the version.


5. Release

After testing is done, we release the product. Our service desk is then available in case of problem or request for adding functionality.


6. Long term cooperation

We offer long term contract for support and future development of the product. We are here for you!

What our customers say ?


Czech Nephrology Society Congress


In early June, Congress of the Czech Nephrology Society took place in Prague. We participated as a sw supplier for hemodialysis centres. On our stand we presented how the support works, Nefris news, o…


Remote control of PZP heating pumps is easier again!


PZP Heating, the largest producer of heat pumps in the Czech Republic, is one step further in the implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) into their devices. Eeach company device is now able to par…


We have updated National Register of Patients on Dialysis


Registry of dialysis patients (RDP) is an activity of the Czech Nephrological Society (CNS), which is the sole owner of the collected data. Since 2006, the RDP serves the purpose of newly conceived co…


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